December 6, 2021

More of Lee's Stuff: 999 - Ever Nat - Flesh Gothic Lettered - The Pig & The House Lettered - Pages Torn From a Travel Journal 

December 3, 2021

The Best of Cemetery Dance 2 signed limited editions are in stock at published price!

More of Lee's Stuff: The Chosen all states - Lucifer's Lottery (Overstock only $20.00 each!) - Lettered Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman - Witch Water all states - Going Monstering Lettered with some discounted stock!

December 2, 2021

Saturday we worked half a day then drove across the bay to have lunch with Edward Lee.  We always have a good time with Lee, but this time we left with about 100 books from his stash!  Some rare, some unusual, and some generic stuff that will hit the "overstock" page.  Just listed a few, more to follow, check them out, click on the title to go to the listing:

1st Edition Stephen King's Night Shift with an Edward Lee twist!

Necro's Bighead hardcover limited edition - Cemetery Dance Lettered state of Operator B - Ketchum's The Girl Next Door signed by King - Infernally Yours Lettered state

November 28, 2021

Product Spotlight - Martha Wells - The Murderbot Diaries and Network Effect - LETTERED SET - Consignment lowered by 20%, and we also just listed a set we picked up - Layaway is available for either set!

Need to fill in a lettered Jim Butcher title in your Dresden Files set?  Now is  your chance, we just listed 12 different PC copies of the lettered state of this set! Click Here and check the title you are looking for! We also just listed a new, complete, actual lettered set with rights.


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- Tony and Kim

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