June 11, 2024

So as you can see below, things were going pretty smoothly, even had a newsletter ready to go out Sunday, by now we should have known better! We were digging through some papers for a lost list of book numbers because we wanted to add one more book to the list below and send the newsletter, next thing I know Kim is staring at me! I figured I pissed her off about something because the had this killer look in her eyes and wouldn’t respond to me, then I realized she couldn’t! She was having a seizure, as timed passed she was able to start to move, but it took way longer than I was comfortable with so we rushed her to the emergency room.

Good news is after an overnight stay in the hospital, too many tests and scans, they think it was related to the surgery, cannot say how, but put her on some anti-seizure medicine and sent her home with orders to keep an eye on her.

The bad news is, at least for now, she is going to have to slow down, so while we were and are getting caught up, it may be a day or two before we respond to e-mails and/or orders, but we will. The plan is to come in everyday as we have been, but not for the entire day so she can rest and from there we will play it by ear. Just understand, we only respond to orders and e-mails when we are at the shop, we do not get e-mails on our phones, and believe it or not do not have a computer set up to accept e-mails at the house.

As aways, thanks for your understanding, and well wishes (we may not respond to all of them, but we do read them and they help!).

Kim and Tony  

June 1, 2024

Suntup blowout 50% OFF published price on both Artists and Numbered Editions of these two titles.  We have a bunch of these two titles, I have counted and double checked, but if you are one of the last to order, well, I just hope I counted correctly or we won't be able to fill your order! So don't delay.

At 60% OFF we offer Subterranean Press' From Weird and Distant Shores, 2nd Printing limited state by Caitlin Kiernan. That is a $125.00 book for $50.00!

May 31, 2024

We can finally say that after almost six months, things are getting a little more managable.  We've still got between 75 and 100 boxes of Bill and Tim's collection that have been sitting, some for months to be unpacked, checked and put on the website, that will come soon, at least a piecemeal.  AND because of a drastic need for space will start listing some overstock items, starting with the following, please start checking reguarly as this will change, probably daily: 



We’ll spare you the marketing mumbo-jumbo and dry statistics. We love books, and our customer service is second-to-none. So to our existing customers, thank you for all your years of loyalty and to our new customers, we can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

- Tony and Kim

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