October 24, 2021 

Day 2 - A Joe Hill kind of day!  Lettered - Full Throttle - not cheap, but it was not easy to get! Special Pricing on Lettered Thumbprint and NOS4A2/WRATH (Sorry layaway is not available for these lettered books.)

October 23, 2021 

Day 1 - It is the week before Halloween, Kim's favorite time of the year, so it's time to Get Your Trick On!  We are going to start with some CRAZY pricing on Cixin Liu - Yes - Three Body Problem single books and sets for a price we simply have not seen offered.  There are multiple copies available for all of the listed sets and most of the single titles, but our goal is to make room, so no layaway! 

Follow the link and watch this page every day through Halloween!

October 22, 2021 

Just listed lettered states of Subterranean Press' Variegated Alphabet by Caitlin Kiernan and Burning Chrome by William Gibson - click on the title for more information.

We also listed a copy of Cemetery Dance's Midnight Under the Big Top - Apparently this is really hard to get and getting rather expense!

October 21, 2021 

Just sent a Tony's Corner Newsletter, follow this link to access it and if you are not signed up for our newsletter, sign up now!





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- Tony and Kim

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