About Camelot Books

Tony and I have always wanted to open a book store and were going to do so one day, but when these little words were uttered to us “congratulations, you’re going to have twins”, we realized that we needed to push up our time frame. So, in 1996 Camelot Books and Gifts, Inc., was officially created and we were off.

We wanted to have a store that people could feel comfortable with, yet still be able to offer unique books that you just didn’t walk into a traditional bookstore and find, so we decided to concentrate on what we loved the most – Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror!

We have always tried to be innovative and creative and were in fact the first on-line bookstore to ever offer lay-away and it’s a service that people love and helps them to build their personal collections.

The storefront is not open to the public for walk in traffic, Camelot is an online bookstore offering both new and used title and stocks an assortment of signed books, signed limited editions, art folios which accompany special edition books, first editions, and books of limited printing.

Please contact us with any of your needs as we are here to help.

- Tony and Kim


So Tony wanted an antique sideshow banner. Not really being able to walk into the local "antique sideshow banner store" he bagan looking on line. After searching the web and not really finding anything he ran across the website of Rex “Killbuck” Norman, artist extraordinaire!   Please visit his website, it is simply amazing! https://kostoomarts.weebly.com/paintings-and-sideshow-art.html. We were going to use this for the backdrop at the Florida Antiquarian Bookfair next month, but with all the social distancing requirements it may not happen, but in any event at least we'll have this wonderful 8 foot by 8 foot work of art for future use.

Here is the progress from concept to completion.