As you will notice a lot of our books are expensive. The problem is, many books in our inventory are single copies and by the time a customer has saved up enough money to buy a book it's gone. If you find a book you like, put it on LAY-A-WAY. This reserves the book and price, provided you make the payments as agreed.

The plan is like this, send us 20% of the purchase price down and on the same day each month send us another 20% of the original purchase price until the book is paid. At any given time our lay-a-way shelves hold thousands of dollars worth of books so we know the service is well liked. So if you see something you like let us know.

Large Purchase Extended Terms: On purchases of over $2000.00 (not including shipping charges), after your 20% down payment, instead of 20% a month we'll accept 10% which gives you eight months instead of four to pay it off.  You are always welcome to pay your purchase off early, but there is no need to.

Lay-A-Way of Consignment items: This is totally up to the seller, we strongly suggest consignment sellers allow lay-a-way and when they do, the length of time they offer is totally up to them, so please inquire as to the available terms.

Note: Lay-a-Way is only available for retail sales of our inventory and sometimes on consignment items. Minimum total to be placed on lay-away is $250.00 (not including shipping charges). Also please note, that our Lay-A-Way plan is very liberal and we try our best to work with customers, but a couple of customers have taken advantage of the service and we have held thousands of dollars worth of books for upwards to a year only to have the customer(s) back out and ask for a refund, which we cheerfully did, but in the meantime we did loose sales. As a result we are having to institue a restocking fee. Should you back out of the initial transaction we will gladly refund all monies paid with the exception of 20% of the original purchase price.