Wergen: the Alien Love War

Mercurio D. Rivera

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Limited Edition

Cover Artist: Jim Burns

The Wergens: a highly sophisticated alien race biochemically infatuated with humans. They crave us, they need us, while we need their technology.
Humanity does what it always does. We exploit them. Until, that is, the Wergens find a way to circumvent their addiction…
From the towering skyscrapers of Earth to the methane lakes of Titan, from the ice-plains of Pluto to distant alien gas giants with steel-crushing gravity, Wergen: The Alien Love War explores personal stories of unrequited love set against the cosmic backdrop of the conflict between the two species.
Mercurio D. Rivera’s Wergen stories have wowed readers and critics alike. Now, for the first time, the full arc of the human/ Wergen relationship is revealed: the conflict, cooperation, love, betrayal, and more.
Limited to 100 signed copies
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Publisher NewCon Press