The Vampyricon Trilogy: The Definitive Special Edition

Douglas Clegg

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The Vampyricon trilogy by Douglas Clegg has been hailed as "richly layered, beautifully rendered" and "a work of dark, delightful vision" by readers and reviewers alike, and for the first-time ever the complete text will be available to collectors in a single volume as the latest deluxe special edition from Lonely Road Books!

Consisting of three full-length novels -- The Priest of Blood, The Lady of Serpents, and The Queen of Wolves -- this isn't just a simple reprinting of Clegg's classic vampire trilogy. Not only is the author giving the complete manuscript one last pass to tweak the text to his liking, but he's discovered between 50 and 100 pages of never before published "deleted scenes" and "lost material" that we'll be including in a special addendum exclusive to this volume. This massive special edition will also contain original artwork and other special features to make it unique from the previous versions of these novels. Imagine the presentation of the Lonely Road Books edition of Dark Forces and you're headed in the right direction!

The Vampyricon is the tale of Aleric, the Falconer, who -- in the Middle Ages -- is conscripted into the Crusades, but abandons war to seek his own destruction -- and instead finds new life within the bloody embrace of Pythia, the Lady of Serpents. This is an epic dark fantasy with vampires and as noted by Publishers Weekly in their Starred Review, Clegg "gives the iconic vampire a massive makeover and draws fresh possibilities from its most familiar aspects."

Limited to 250 slipcased and signed deluxe copies and sold out pre-publication

Lettered Edition: 52 deluxe copies with all the special features of the Limited Edition, plus a different type of high quality binding, all housed in a custom-made deluxe traycase 

Lettered clamshell traycase matches the material of the lettered book on the right, a very luxurious presentation.  But as shown below the velvet binding does show indentations where the pull ribbon in the traycase touches the binding on the book.  A elusive state of this book, get it while you can.

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