The She

Terry Grimwood

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Limited Edition
Cover Artist: Sam Williams
A new collection from critically acclaimed author Terry Grimwood. A Devil's Dozen of stories that move effortlessly between science fiction and horror, touching upon the modern world and the 20th century and then taking us beyond...
In contemporary London an office worker receives a hand-delivered invitation to a mysterious burlesque cabaret…
A private eye is brought in by the police when an old army buddy is reported missing; a buddy he watched die on the beaches of Normandy four years before… 
would-be music journo loses his heart to a punk rocker, only to discover that good intentions can be the most destructive… 
We witness the fall of Lucifer, and the rise of Lilith… 
We discover what really happened to Glen Miller and that missing plane…
We meet the third US astronaut to walk on the moon (whose name will never be remembered) and learn of what they found there…
We witness London in meltdown as half the populace proves to be... other.
  • The She                
  • Laurel                                 
  • Stuka Juice                                             
  • The Man Who Wasn’t Dead                       
  • The Dark Above The Fair                    
  • The Third Man On The Moon                           
  • When They Unmasked               
  • What It Is                            
  • Strings                                                     
  • The Listeners                                         
  • Heavies                     
  • Space                                                       
  • Survivors                                     
  • About the Author  
Limited to 50 signed and numbered hardcover copies
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Publisher NewCon Press