The Shadow at the Bottom of the World

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Dust jacket illustration by J.K. Potter

The Shadow at the Bottom of the World is a sampler of much of his best work, released last year as a trade paperback. We loved this one so much we decided to give it the hardcover treatment, limited to only 426 copies, all signed by Mr. Ligotti. This is a small print run for a Ligotti limited, so get your order in quickly.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword by Douglas A. Anderson
  • Introduction: "Horror Stories: A Nightmare Scenario" by Thomas Ligotti
  • The Last Feast of Harlequin
  • Dr. Voke and Mr. Veech
  • Alice’s Last Adventure"
  • Vastarien
  • Dr. Locrian’s Asylum
  • The Mystics of Muelenburg
  • The Spectacles in the Drawer
  • The Strange Design of Master Rignolo
  • The Shadow at the Bottom of the World
  • Nethescurial
  • The Cocoons
  • The Tsalal
  • The Bungalow House
  • Teatro Grottesco
  • The Red Tower
  • Purity

Limited to 400 signed numbered copies and sold out at the publisher

Lettered limited to 26 signed traycased copies and sold out at the publisher

A "PC" copy is identical in every way to a limited or lettered copy but has the letters "PC" in the limitation line, the "PC" denotes "Publisher's Copy" and is one of a very few copies produced for use by the Publisher, usually for contributors.

Founder's Copy: it is not Lettered or marked PC, each book is bound as a lettered book and housed in a lettered slipcase or traycase (if any) BUT the limitation line is designated "Founder's Copy". There is only one copy of this title so designated, no other books or sets were designated in this manner, this is your chance to own the rarest and most unique Lettered State of this book. 

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Publisher Subterranean Press