The Haunted Air

F. Paul Wilson - Bill's Stuff

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In this newest Repairman Jack thriller, THE HAUNTED AIR, Jack is lured to the Menelaus Manor by his latest clients, two fraudulent psychics who are stealing their fellow mediums’ business.  The Manor sits atop a major geological fault, and was formerly home to several families who all met their demise in horrific fashion.  Jack is at the house when an earthquake occurs, which appears to have awakened something that used to be someone, an entity filled with rage and brought back from the dead for a specific purpose.  Before he’s finished, Jack will travel from the seamy world of psychic scams, to the inner circle of a well-connected murder cult, and finally into the dark heart of madness where he must strike a deal with the resurrected being.

The cover art for THE HAUNTED AIR is by Harry O. Morris.

Published in 2002

Limited Edition of 475 signed and numbered copies

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Publisher Gauntlet