The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

Consignment - Bill's Stuff - Gordon Dahlquist

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Dust jacket by Dave McKean

Subterranean Press is proud to announce the limited edition of one of the finest literary fantasies of the last decade!

Across an unnamed city, an heiress, a killer, and a spy forge an unlikely alliance against a vicious conspiracy in a scrupulously realized Victorian world.

Seething with danger, terror, eroticism and romance, The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters is an exuberant return to the classic -- and classically lurid -- Penny Dreadfuls of the 19th century, where murders, seductions, airships, secret societies, alchemical science, and insidious rituals all play a part in this epic adventure.

Miss Celeste Temple has sailed from her plantation home in the West Indies to find a husband, but when her fiancee of three months breaks their engagement without explanation, she is determined to discover why.

Cardinal Chang, a mercenary for hire, is engaged to murder a military officer newly posted to the Palace, only to find someone else has done the job before him, leaving Chang to take the blame.

Captain-Surgeon Abelard Svenson, specially attached to the diplomatic party of the irresponsible Crown Prince of Macklenburg to guard against scandal, finds his charge first implicated in sinister debaucheries and then vanished altogether.

Together the three join forces against a ruthless cabal wielding mind-control, blackmail, temptation, and a mysterious blue glass that holds the power to entrap memory itself, however luscious or terrible.

Limited: 500 signed and numbered copies

We have one copy left, #17 which does have a minor issue with jacket as pictured

Matching Lettered Set of:

  • The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters - Limited to 15 signed copies housed in a custom traycase and sold out at the publisher
  • The Dark Volume - Limited to 26 signed deluxe copies, housed in a custom traycase


A unique set of 10 installments in wrappers.

"G.W. Dahlquist fell asleep when trapped by a snowstorm, and The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters came to him in his dreams.  This is his first novel." UK, Penguin Books decided to publish each of the ten chapters as weekly installments  available to customers who paid for the subscription. The first chapter was published in the UK on October 16, 2006, this being two months after the 1st American Edition.  The first book of this set is signed by Dahliquist and is unique because it contains a pair of masks produced for a 2007 "Masked Celebration in honour of the illustrious author G.W. Dahlquist". 

Books show minor edgeware, but look "used" because of the manner in which they were printed. 

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Picture of actual masks:

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