The Ghost & Scholars Book of Follies and Grottoes


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Wraparound Dustjacket Art by Paul Lowe

Sarob Press is spookily delighted to present thirteen eerie spectral tales (eight are wholly original to this volume) where the authors have taken, as inspiration, the theme of follies and grottoes. In her introduction Rosemary Pardoe tells us: ‘Follies may be fake temples, belvederes, pyramids, obelisks and towers, sham castles and ruins, eyecatchers, faux druid circles and hermitages (with or without fake hermit!), and many other things besides. Folly grottoes are often cut out of rock, and decorated, frequently with shells (such as the one at Margate, which is famously often claimed to be genuinely pre-Christian).’

And the dark and ghostly stories ... ‘range widely, from mysterious towers and classical temples to hidden grottoes; from revivals of the worship of ancient gods to unexpected distortions of space and time’.

All five of the previous Sarob Press (and Rosemary Pardoe edited) Ghosts & Scholars anthologies sold out very quickly … so get your order in early to avoid disappointment as this one will, surely, quickly go the way of the others.


  • Introduction by Rosemary Pardoe
  • Baines’ Folly by Christopher Harman
  • Lady Elphinstone’s Folly by John Ward
  • The Ptolemaic System by David Longhorn
  • The Crooked Rook by Rick Kennett
  • Sweet Folly by Gail-Nina Anderson
  • Branks’s Folly by C.E. Ward
  • Folly by Sam Dawson
  • Minter’s Folly by Chico Kidd
  • Mothrot Hall by Katherine Haynes
  • 'Father’ O’Flynn and the Fressingfold Friezes by Tina Rath
  • Mad Lutanist by Mark Valentine
  • When I Heard My Days Before Me by John Howard
  • And Music Shall Untune the Sky by S.A. Rennie

THE GHOSTS & SCHOLARS BOOK OF FOLLIES AND GROTTOES is a Hand Numbered Limited Edition Jacketed Hardcover. Bound in Wibalin Cloth (Fine Linen Style), Foil Blocked to Spine, Lithographically Printed on Quality 80gsm Cream Bookwove Paper, Coloured Endpapers, Section Sewn Binding & Head/Tailbands.


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