The Everlasting

Tim Lebbon - Consignment

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Limited Edition With Spot of Page Edges
Limited Edition
Lettered Edition - Camelot Books, see description below
Lettered Edition - Dave Barnett, see description below
Lettered Edition
Greek Lettered Edition - Consignment

Cover Art and interiors by Caniglia

An all new novel by Tim Lebbon

30 years ago...

Sixteen-year old Scott sees his first ghost.

Where is the Chord of Souls? it demands, then abruptly flees, leaving the horror of that fateful day indelibly tattooed on his Scott's young mind.

He will never forget that day. Because the ghost was his Grandfather's friend…and his grandfather had murdered his friend just ten days before.


Thirty years after his Grandfather's suicide, Scott is stunned to suddenly receive a letter from the old man which talks of an ancient book of apocalyptic power: The Chord of Souls.

The letter's arrival quickly heralds a deluge of supernatural events that has Scott teetering on the precipice of sanity and salvation: his wife is kidnapped, ghosts besiege his home and his mind, and immortality dons the guise of a beautiful woman…

Scott embarks upon a perilous journey to save his wife, one fraught with horrific danger and soul-shattering temptation. After all, who would not be tempted by the promise of powers beyond understanding . . . knowledge beyond comprehension . . . and life everlasting?

Limited to 400 signed and numbered copies

Limited Edition w/spot on page edges as pictured

Lettered: Limited to 26 lettered deluxe hardcovers with a metal traycase signed by Tim Lebbon and Caniglia. Each lettered contains a Giclee pring from Caniglia. Only the lettereds have these prints. Sold out at the publisher

Greek Lettered Unknown Limitation - Lifetime Subscriber copy - see letter above in pictures for explaination:

  • Include:
    • Different color traycase (hammered gray metal as opposed to glossy black.
    • Giclee pring from Caniglia

Lettered State Given to Camelot Books - Identical to actual lettered state WITHOUT Giclee pring from Caniglia (note, we put a photocopy of the art in the traycase).  Marked "Camelot Books" on limitation line.

Lettered State Given to Dave Barnett - Identical to actual lettered state WITHOUT Giclee pring from Caniglia (note, we put a photocopy of the art in the traycase).  Marked "Dave Barnett" on limitation line.

David G. Barnett - You will notice that there are a number of books we are listing that will have the designation of DB, Dave Barnett, David Barnett, Necro, Necro Dave, etc. in the limitation line.  Dave was a great friend of ours, whose life was tragically ended way too short in an auto accident in 2021.  Dave was a book designer (we will be listing a number of books by other publishers which he either designed or were sent to him and they will be designated as listed above) and publisher, his imprints were known as Necro Publications, Bedlam Press and Weird Press Books, among others.  We have acquired his personal collection (and working on getting overstock from his business to his authors (if you were published by Dave and we have not gotten in touch with you please reach out to us at the book listed in this listing is from his personal collection and marked as such.

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Publisher Necessary Evil Press