The Curator

Owen King

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In an unnamed Victorian-era city, at a moment of dangerous political upheaval as the leaders of a rebellion attempt to introduce a democratic government, a young domestic servant named Dora seizes an unlikely opportunity: the curatorship of the nearly abandoned National Museum of the Worker. Dora’s motives, however, are more complex than anyone supposes. She aims to solve a family mystery that carries with it hints of the supernatural. While her investigation leads her toward a sinister conspiracy, the incomplete revolution begins to falter, endangering not only Dora, but the city’s entire population.

Featuring a Dickensian cast that encompasses members of every class and faction, from the child thieves of the bowery known as the Lees, to idealist University radicals, to the military men on either side of the fight for control, to the shadowy membership of the Society for Psykical Research, The Curator is an elaborate and immersive historical fantasy with a decidedly modern heroine.

Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies

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