The Book of Gaheris: An Arthurian Tale

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No one remembers Gaheris when they talk about the Orkney clan, and he likes it that way. But then, without any intent on his part, that all changes. Against every expectation, Gaheris finds himself up to his neck in intrigue, deception, violence, murder, and old secrets. Clouds gather over Camelot, threatening to destroy all that Arthur and Guenever have built, and Gaheris may be all that stands between Arthur's noble kingdom and disaster.
Award-winning fantasy author and mediaeval historian Kari Sperring has woven a powerful tale of passion and intrigue featuring some of the lesser known members of King Arthur’s court. Opening with a new short story and following with four sequential novellas, two of them previously unpublished, The Book of Gaheris charts the life of one of the least recognised but most significant knights of the round table. 
The book closes with an afterword by the author detailing the background and motivation that lies behind this portmanteau work.
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