The Astonished Eye

Bill's Stuff - Tracy Knight

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Limited Edition - PC - Bill's Copy (Bumped Corners)
Limited Edition

Introduction by Philip José Farmer
Cover Art by Alan M. Clark

When a UFO crash-lands in Elderton, Illinois, which reporter should The Astonished Eye, one of the country's most infamous tabloid newspapers, send to investiate? Why, Ben Savitch, of course! After all, he was born in this backwater town and that might just give him the edge when it comes to finding out the truth. And he might finally realize a shot-glass of fame and meaning in his otherwise lacklustre career.

But what starts as a search for the perfect Eye story quickly transforms into something more momentous than Savitch ever could have imagined.

The mystery of a stranded extrterrestrial pales in comparison to the powerful yet fragile magic that already exists in Elderton: Almo Parrish can infallibly predict the first autumn leaf to fall each year, and believes he is the last surviving Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz movie; Chandler Quinn can build or repair anything, including otherworldly machines; little Vida Proust lumbers around town because the gentle inhabitants of Elderton are too polite to tell her the truth of her existence (or lack thereof); and poor Frank Shepard is a flickering wraith of a man, a reanimated superhero who has forgotten how to fly.

As Savitch pursues his story, his homecoming coincides with unthinkable events that not only threaten the town's tranquility, but also alter each intersecting life and transform the very fabric of reality itself.

Limited to 500 signed and numbered hardcovers and is SOLD OUT at the publisher.

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