The Emperors Toy Chest-Lettered Edition

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over art by Alexandra Hutchet

The Emperor's Toy Chest explores history, mythology, fantasy, and the magical borderlands between.

A modern Odysseus discovers a siren amidst the carnival thrills of the boardwalk, while an overworked vizier confronts the pitfalls of power to the tune of laughing cats; an imprisoned king examines a series of double-edged amusements even as a suburban youth comes of age like a general facing catastrophe on the battlefield.

Whether it's a collegiate cavalier denying death through bigamy, a fin-de-siecle Frenchman building an aerial ice rink for his faithless wife, a native of King Kong's island coming to grips with white colonization, or a snobbish reviewer panning the latest from the world's foremost executioner, The Emperor's Toy Chest reveals an unforgettable cast that is both sovereign and plaything of its own timeless realm.

Unsigned hardcover copy

Limited to 100 signed and numbered hardcover copies

Lettered It is our understanding that PS Publishing sold 26 lifetime subscriptions, as a perk of that subscription the purchaser would receive a copy of the signed state of a particular book but instead of a number in the limitation line, it would contain a letter, each subscriber was assigned a letter, in all other aspects the book is identical to the "Limited" copy.

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