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Dustjacket art by Phil Parks.
Endsheet, and autograph pages art by Glenn Chadbourne

Richard Chizmar and William Schafer invite you to a private showing at the Subterranean Gallery... a gallery like no other. For no paintings hang on the walls here, and no statues loom in the dimly lit corridors. The Subterranean Gallery is dedicated to the darkest of arts and the darkest of artists -- the word and the wordsmith.

This is a venue where the only canvas necessary is the imagination, and the artists' creations are works of whispers and screams, blood and shadows. Be forewarned -- there are no restrictions in theme, no all-too-familiar concentration on a single style or school. The works on display range from the disciplined to the unrestrained, from horror and crime to variations and explorations that cannot be -- and should not be -- so easily classified.

Witness Jack Ketchum's "Megan's Law," a tale whose bold brushstrokes slash switchblade quick through a suburban setting that could be your neighborhood, or mine... Deconstruct George Clayton Johnson's neoclassical reinterpretation of an ancient mythos in "The Monstering Kind," in which two boys search for the mysteries of life, death, and the supernatural... Admire the extraordinary vision of William Browning Spencer in "Your Faithful Servant," a portraiture of the clef d'or profession that is as precise in style as Earl Grey at four and as bizarre in execution as the Mad Hatter's Tea Party... Contemplate the studied quietude of Terry Lamsley's "The Stunted House," a sunny seascape where all is not so innocently picturesque as it appears... Unravel the rich red tapestry of two generations of music and murder in Tia V. Travis's "The Kiss," a tale of grief and revenge set to a mambo beat. Now it's time to turn the page, and begin your exploration of the Subterranean Gallery. Twenty works of imagination and wonder await within. Keep your eyes on the shadows... listen to the voices that await you in the dark... and linger...


  • "Megan's Law" by Jack Ketchum
  • "Saturnalia" by David J. Schow
  • "The Monstering Kind" by George Clayton Johnson
  • "Dark Times" by Peter Crowther
  • "Horrorgraph" by Graham Joyce
  • "Website" by Ray Garton
  • "The Last Full Measure of Devotion" by David B. Silva
  • "Death by Chili" by Joe R. Lansdale
  • "The Stunted House" by Terry Lamsley
  • "Head" by Christa Faust
  • "Your Faithful Servant" by William Browning Spencer
  • "Such a Good Girl" by Ed Gorman
  • "Simple As a Two-car Funeral" by Bob Morrish
  • "Burning Leaves" by Jerry Sykes
  • "Becoming Men" by Douglas Clegg
  • "Choppie" by Richard Laymon
  • "I'll Play the Blues for You" by Gary A. Braunbeck
  • "Where it Roots, How It Fruits" by Chaz Brenchley
  • "Red Right Hand" by Norman Partridge
  • "The Kiss" by Tia V. Travis

Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies

Variations of this book being offered, the following numbers correspond with the prices listed above #

  1. slightly used, slight lien and there is a small closed puncture (half moon in shape) in the dustjacket on the spine at the top
  2. New #'d copy
  3. New PC copy with small pull to cloth on front board
  4. New PC copy
    A Note regarding the PC copies, typically we state that a PC  copy is identical to the numbered state, but in this instance we do believe that these two PC copies are bound as the lettered copies were bound, it is a "richer" gold cloth and has a ribbon morker.  Unlike the lettered copies there is not a piece of art bound into the front, otherwise the book, we believe is identical to the lettered binding.

Lettered limited to 26 traycased copies with accompaning piece of art laid in with cooresponding letter

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