Small Kingdoms and Other Stories

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Dust jacket illustrations by Francois Vaillancourt.

You don’t want to be on the bad side of Anne DeWitt. She runs a tight ship as principal at Travis High School in Colleton County, North Carolina. But before this job, under a different name, she led a secret training program with deadly proclivities--and that must be why the assassin showed up in her bathroom. Not that dealing with him was a problem. She took him out between brushing her teeth and putting on her foundation.

Problem is, Anne likes her new identity and doesn’t want to create another one. Enter Holt Halsey, the school baseball coach, who it seems used to be in the same line of work as her. Before long, they’re unusual allies committed to making the most of their “Small Kingdoms,” in the title story of a collection that chronicles the challenges of Anne and Holt’s new lives...and how they meet them in very unexpected ways. In “Sarah Smiles,” the duo must deal with a promising student being abused at home, while staying under the radar. In “Small Chances,” someone tries to sabotage Anne at work, which proves to be a very bad idea indeed. And in the final story, “Small Signs,” figures from their former jobs show up to threaten their futures, separately and as a couple. 

Small Kingdoms and Other Stories brings together beloved #1 New York Times bestseller Charlaine Harris’s deliciously twisted tales about two people with specialized talents making a small town high school into a place like no other. 

Table of Contents:

  • “Small Kingdoms”
  • “Sarah Smiles”
  • “Small Chances”
  • “Small Signs”

Limited: 1000 signed and numbered copies

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Publisher Subterranean Press