Shadows On the Hillside


Edited by Storm Constantine

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Limited Edition

Editor: Storm Constantine
Cover Artist: Danielle Lainton

A few months before she passed away, Storm Constantine sent Ian Whates the manuscript for Shadows on the Hillside, a project they first discussed two years previously and which Storm had been working on ever since. Little did he imagine it would be the last book they would work on together.
Storm chose her contributors carefully, wanting stories that take the reader deep into the strangeness of the landscape, where reality flickers like summer’s heat. Weirdness generates inexplicable events that mystify and intrigue – asking questions that can never fully be answered. An empty car with a door hanging open by an endless field of wheat. Shimmering heat at midsummer, when something walks unseen in the sunlight. Rooks scattering in a ragged cloud revealing strange patterns upon the air. A sense of presence in the view below you as you reach the crest of a hill and look down; urban landscapes too – the strangeness within cities and their deepest corners… A story yet untold, a secret in the earth, a cry that shakes the air yet cannot be heard by the human ear. Something happened in these places, but what…?
For Storm.
  • Between Skin and Sea – Cat Hellisen
  • All That Dead Beauty – Andrew Hook
  • The White Wood – Sarah Singleton
  • Bog Goddess – Fiona McGavin
  • Parrot’s Drumble – Jordan Biddulph
  • Ochre and Faience – Nerine Dorman
  • A Hard Country to Die In – Paula Wakefield
  • Lightening – Rose Biggin
  • The Green Calling – Storm Constantine
  • The Mydford Medusa – Freda Warrington
  • Sanatorium – Grace Alice Evans
  • The Lighthouse – Emma Coleman
  • The Winter Wife – Kari Sperring
  • The Road to Tempol – Wendy Darling
  • Crabtree Field – Jessica Gilling
  • On Venus Street – Liz Williams
  • Work, Die, Heh Heh – Paul Houghton
  • Borderline – J. E. Bryant
  • Icarus Fall – John Kaiine
  • About the Authors

Limited to 50 signed, by the cover artist, and numbered copies

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