Sex Gang

Harlan Ellison

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They had to pay the bills!

Some of our favorite authors wrote some some of the sleeziest stories to make ends meet.  At an average of $1000 a book in the 60's it helped supplement an otherwise meager living.

We were lucky enought to pick up this near perfect copy of a collection of a group of short stories originally published in various "Mens'" magazines entitled "Sex Gang."

Sex Gang: Violent Stories of Naked Passions 

Paul Merchant(Pseudonym for Harlan Ellison)

Published by USA: Nightstand Book # NB 1503 R, 1959, 1st Edition, 2nd Printing, USA, 1959 (It is our understanding there were three printings.)  

This is a near fine, unread copy Nightstand originally published in 1959, a number of the stories appeared in 1950's Men's Magazines like GENT, ROGUE, etc., contents include:

  • Sex Gang
  • The Girl with the Horizontal Mind (originally released as The Gal with the Horizontal Mind by Price Curtis)
  • Wanted: Two Trollops
  • The Ugly Virgin (originally released as God Bless the Ugly Virgin)
  • Sin Time (originally released as The Silence of Infidelity)
  • The Pied Piper of sex (originally released as The Pied Piper of Love)
  • Bayou Sex Cat (originally released as A Blue Note for Bayou Betty by Derry Tiger)
  • The lady Had Zilch
  • Girl with the Bedroom Eyes (originally released as Jeanie with the Bedroom Eyes)
  • The Lustful One (originally released as The Hungry One)
  • Bohemia for Christie (originally released as The Bohemia of Arthur Archer)