Scary Rednecks: The Appalachian Omnibus

Weston Ochse

David Whitman

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Special Edition

Featuring 37 stories: two original and thirty-five reprints

This edition comes housed in a custom traycase with a leather-bound book.  All reprinted stories previously appeared in the 2006 collection Scary Rednecks and Other Inbred Horrors and Appalachian Galapagos 2003. The two new stories use the buyers' names. They are all killed off.


— They All Dream About Them Here by David Whitman

— Night of the Hunters by Weston Ochse and David Whitman

— Catfish Gods by Weston Ochse

— Flying Through the Heavens, Beer in Hand by David Whitman

— Fishes Dream of Lonely Things by Weston Ochse

— Circus Clowns and Elephant Cracks by David Whitman

— Sweet Little Piggy by Weston Ochse

— Degeneration by David Whitman

— The Winnowing by Weston Ochse

— We've Only Just Begun by David Whitman

— Pitfighter Serenade by Weston Ochse

— Who Watches the Watcher? by David Whitman

— A Chorus of Earthly Rage by Weston Ochse

— Some Things Were better Off Not Talked About by David Whitman

— The Rememory Mane by Weston Ochse

— Wandering Minds by David Whitman

— Scarecrows Don't Scare Away Demons, Do They? by Weston Ochse

— I Saw Renny Shooting Santa Clause by David Whitman

— Eli's Coming by Weston Ochse

— It's a Sick World by David Whitman

— The Smell of Burning Leaves in Winter by Weston Ochse

— Silence by David Whitman

— The Appalachian Easter Outhouse Fued by Weston Ochse

— Carryin' On Like It Was the End of the World by David Whitman

— Humanitarians by Weston Ochse

— Them Bats is Smart, They Use Radar by David Whitman

— Morty's Appalachian Amusement Park by Weston Ochse

— Beautifully Ugly by David Whitman

— The Qualities of Mercy by Weston Ochse

— With Quiet Violence by David Whitman

— Summer Planting by Weston Ochse

— Killin' Lenny by David Whitman

— The Sterility of Rage by Weston Ochse

— Peaches by David Whitman

— Ingredients are the Secret to Great Taste by Weston Ochse

— Origin of a Species or better known as (Up Shit's Creek With a Case of Beer and No Fucking Paddles) by Weston Ochse and David Whitman

— The Last Great Rabbit Chase of Looking Glass Hill by Weston Ochse


Published in November 2004

Page Count: 563

Special Edition series Book 2

Signatures: Weston Ochse and David Whitman

Special edition of 26 copies

Leather-bound book housed in custom traycase

Cover art: None

Foil Stamp by: Colleen Crary

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Publisher Delirium Books