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The Kirkham family has fallen on hard times in Manchester, England, during wrenching changes of the industrial revolution. The older children are forced to work to support the family, until a ray of hope appears -- strangers from America, preaching about building the city of God in the promised land.

Dinah and Charlie Kirkham choose to go, but the price they pay is far higher than they bargained for. When they make the sacrifice, they have no way of knowing just how much they will gain -- and how much they will lose.

When Orson Scott Card's historical epic Saints was first published in 1984, it had to overcome many obstacles: The original publisher changed the title, gave it an unfortunate cover, and published it as a paperback original, almost guaranteeing that it would disappear without a trace.

In spite of these obstacles, many readers discovered it and passed it from hand to hand. The novel has endured, building a community of loyal readers for more than twenty years. This edition marks its first appearance in hardcover, and includes a new afterword by the author, recounting the saga of the book's development and publication.

Trade: fully cloth bound edition

Limited to 111 signed numbered copies, bound in leather and cloth and sold out pre-publication

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