Road of Bones

Christopher Golden

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Black Voltage

Siberia’s Kolyma Highway is 1200 miles of gravel-packed permafrost within driving distance of the Arctic Circle. A narrow path known as the Road of Bones, it is a massive graveyard for the former Soviet Union’s gulag prisoners. Hundreds of thousands of people worked to death and left where their bodies fell, consumed by the frozen elements and plowed beneath the road. Documentary producer Felix “Teig” Teigland is in Russia to drive the highway, envisioning a new series capturing Life and Death on the Road of Bones with a ride to the town of Akhust, “the coldest place on Earth,” collecting ghost stories and local legends along the way.

However, when Teig and his team reach their destination, they find an abandoned town, save one catatonic nine-year-old girl—and a pack of predatory wolves, faster and smarter than any wild animals should be. Pursued by the otherworldly beasts, Teig’s companions confront even more uncanny and inexplicable phenomena along the Road of Bones, as if the monsters of the ancient wilderness itself were haunting them. It is a harrowing journey that will push Teig to the edge of human endurance.

Limited to 300 signed and numbered copies

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