Quicksilver & Shadow

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Dust jacket by MaryAnn Harris

Quicksilver & Shadow is the second volume (of a projected three) of Charles de Lint's Collected Early Stories. At nearly 150,000 words it's even larger than volume one, A Handful of Coppers, and includes the very obscure 20,000 word novella, "Berlin," and its over 30,000 word counterpart "Death Leaves an Echo."


  • Contemporary Fantasy
  • "His City"
  • "Scars"
  • Borderland
  • "Stick"
  • "Berlin"
  • "May This Be Your Last Sorrow"
  • Dark Fantasy
  • "Death Leaves An Echo"
  • "L'Esprit de la Belle Mariette"
  • "The Face in the Flames"
  • "The Soft Whisper of Midnight Snow"
  • "We Are Dead Together"
  • "From a 24" Screen"
  • Science Fiction
  • "A Witch in Rhyme"
  • "Songwalking the Hunter's Road"
  • "The Lantern is the Moon"
  • "The Dralan"
  • "The Cost of Shadows"
  • "Raven Sings a Medicine Way, Coyote Steals the Pollen"
  • "A Tattoo on Her Heart"

Limited: Signed cloth hardcover

Lettered: 52 signed traycased copies and SOLD OUT at the publisher

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