On Stranger Tides

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Lettered Edition

"Join us," said the pirate captain Philip Davies, "wholly adopt our goals as your own, or be killed right now where you stand."

Puppeteer John Chandagnac, who was sailing to Jamaica to get revenge on the uncle who had stolen his father's inheritance, has no choice but to join the buccaneers who have taken him prisoner--and soon, known now as the pirate Jack Shandy, he finds himself learning to survive in a treacherous new world of cutlass-fights, sea-battles, and voodoo magic on sun-blinded tropical islands. The legendary Blackbeard is assembling a ruthless navy of pirates living and undead to voyage to the fabled Fountain of Youth, and Jack Shandy must use magic, swordsmanship, and even his puppeteer skills to free himself and the girl he has fallen in love with from Blackbeard's deadly supernatural domination.

Trade: fully cloth bound hardcover and sold out at the publisher

Limited: 250 signed numbered hardcovers, bound in a premium cloth and a different dust jacket design, with an exclusive portfolio section of piratical illustrations by Powers and sold out at the publisher

Lettered: 26 copies, bound in leather CLOTH and housed in a custom traycase, with one additional illustration not in the Limited

  • Here's the story on our lettered state of On Stranger Tides - this was to have been done previously and Tim Powers did 8 pieces of art for it, then it was decided not be done and we purchased the artwork. Now it is back on again and we will be putting a piece of original art in with each lettered copy that we sell
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Publisher Subterranean Press