'Nids and Other Stories

Ray Garton

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Dust Jacket by Glenn Chadbourne

Nids are here!

Ray Garton's latest short story collection, an all-original gathering of horror tales, is in-stock and shipping. Included herein you'll find the title novella, 130 pages of old-fashioned arachnid horror as only Garton can tell it, along with four more ultra-disturbing short stories, all wrapped up inside one of the creepiest Glenn Chadbourne covers we've ever seen.


The explosion took place on a clear, cool spring night that smelled of honeysuckle, beneath a bright crescent moon.

Mrs. DiMarcos Corpse
Leonard Porter had been a police officer in the small town of Anderson for twenty-two years, and in all that time, he had never seen anything as unsettling as the corpse in apartment 212 of Riverfront Apartments.

Beverly DiMarco wore a sleeveless blue and white housedress, and over that a green apron. The clothes were taut over her abdomen, which was bloated by gases inside her body. Her scrawny legs were bare and spread wide, and her dress had hiked up around them. Her cats had survived by eating parts of her legs and arms. Her wrinkled skin had a yellowish-grey pallor. The tips of her fingers had been nibbled off by the cats and bone was visible, fingers that were curved on each hand, as if she'd been clawing at the linoleum floor when she died. Her neck appeared impossibly thin. But her face -- that was the worst part, her face.

I had never seen anyone shoot up before, and it wasn't something I had been eager to watch. And it certainly wasn't something I'd expected my date for the evening to do.

In a Fit of Jealous Rage
His thumbs pressed down hard. Whatever was beneath them -- it was hard, but pliable -- gave beneath the pressure.

Skin. He was touching skin. It was something that was beneath the skin that was hard.

A Talk in the Street
Daryl picked up his pace and walked faster down the street, but Connie just caught up with him.

You never want to talk, she said. If you'd changed that one little thing, if you'd made an effort to talk about things with me, maybe we wouldn't have gotten a divorce.

Limited to 300 signed and numbered hardcover copies

Lettered limited to 26 lettered copies, housed in a custom traycase, with a real life horror tale not in the limited

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