Newcon Press Lettered Novella Set Series

Eric Brown - Simon Clark - Alastair Reynolds - Gary Gibson - Dave Hutchinson - Simon Morden - Adam Roberts - Liz Williams - Neil Williamson - Paul di Filippo - Alison Littlewood - Juliet McKenna - Justina Robson - Anne Charnock - Jay Caselberg - Sarah Lotz - Una McCormack - Jaime Fenn - Hal Duncan - Ricardo Pinto - Philip Palmer - Gavin G. Smith - Hari Sperring - Gale Sebold - Edward Cox - Tom Toner - Ren Warom - Andrew Hannister - George Mann

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Lettered Edition - Matching Lettered Set - 8 Volumes

A series of novellas, divided up into sets of four independent titles. All titles within a set will share one piece of artwork divided between the four covers. Above is the first such, by artist Chris Moore. Each set consits of 4 novellas housed in a slipcase, each book is signed by the author and lettered of 26 or 52 copies.  This is for a matching numbered set.

For more details regarding the sets you can click on any title (for the 1st three sets) for the others we will be building pages as soon as we can, but we have no individual sets available for sets 4 through 7..  

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