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Illustrated by Tom Canty

In October, 2005, Del Rey will publish the first full length Ghosts of Albion novel, Accursed. Subterranean Press recently published the novella Astray, which was the second Ghosts of Albion adventure.

Now, in this exclusive book, you can get the rest of William and Tamara Swift's early adventures in one place. For the first time ever, Initiation will collect the full scripts for the two hour-long BBC animated adventures of Ghosts of Albion. The first, Legacy, introduces Tamara and William to magic for the first time, as the previous Protector of Albion, their grandfather, meets a horrible fate and they are forced to combat his greatest enemy. In the second, Embers, (the third GoA adventure, after Astray), a terrible mystery involving William's lady love and the walking dead sends them around the world on a harrowing quest. Embers also features pages of material that were cut for length from the final animation, seen here for the first time.

As an added bonus, Initiation also features the short story "Illusions," which reveals a pivotal moment in the friendship of the vampire, Nigel Townsend, and previous Protector, Ludlow Swift, in his days as a young stage magician.

Ghosts of Albion was created and written by actress/writer/director Amber Benson -- best known for her role as Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- and novelist Christopher Golden -- author of Wildwood Road, Of Saints and Shadows and The Boys Are Back in Town.

See how it all began...

Limited to 750 signed and numbered hardcovers

Lettered 52 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a handcrafted traycase (note traycase has a small split on top right corner when looking at front of book as pictured below.)

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