How the Other Half Lives

Bill's Stuff - James Lovegrove

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Limited Edition - PC - Bill's Copy
Limited Edition

Introduction by Colin Greenland

Every morning, William Ian North is chauffered from his country mansion to the London headquarters of his globe-spanning financial empire NorthStar International.

Every day, William Ian North trades and deals, making decisions that affect millions of lives. Companies, industries and even nations prosper or decline according to his dispensation. North has the ear of politicians and potentates the world over. A host of minions wait at his beck and call. The power and influence he wields are of nigh-unimaginable proportions.

Every evening, William Ian North goes home to the dark, brutal secret he keeps in the cellar. For behind North's success lies a ritual of violence that has the potential both to damn him... and redeem him.

Limited to 500 signed and numbered softcover copies and SOLD OUT at the publishers

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