Infernal Series - City Infernal - House infernal - Infernal Angel

Edward Lee

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Limited Edition - Stand Alone City Infernal
Limited Edition - Stand Alone House Infernal
Limited Edition - Set of all three titles: City Infernal - House infernal - Infernal Angel

City Infernal

Published in 2001 

Cassie's going on a trip... to Hell.

Goth girl Cassie just can't hack it anymore. Supplanted from her friends, torn from her life in the city's underground, and now this: her sister has committed suicide.

The old Southern antebellum is more than just a house. It's a threshold to the Deadpass, an infernal place where the barrier around lucifer's domain has worn so thin, you can open a door and step straight into Hell.

And that's just what Cassie does. Too bad the door slams shut behind her...

But Hell isn't quite what she expects. No burning sulphur pits, no fire and brimstone. Just as human civilization has evolved over the past 5,000 years, so has Hell.

Hell is now a city, a burgeoning metropolis of systemized evil, atrocity as status quo, and government as the most diabolical design.

The door is open... want to go along for the ride?

Limited to 1000 signed copies and SOLD OUT at the publisher

Infernal Angel

Published in 2003


At last, the long-awaited sequel to horror-master Edward Lee's critically acclaimed City Infernal. In this brand-new installment, join hybrid demons, zombie prostitutes, and Fallen Angels as they journey through the smoking, blood-and-gut splattered streets of the Mephistopolis–Lucifer's eternal city of the damned.


Hell is an endless metropolis spiring with black skyscrapers, raging in eternal horror. The moon is black and the sky is the color of blood. Screams rip down streets and through alleys, carried by malodorous winds. The people of this place trudge the sidewalks back and forth, to home, to work, to stores, etc., just as they do in any city. There's only one difference. In this city, the people are all dead.

Now, two normal living humans, humans just like you, have discovered the most time-held occult secret. They have the ability to enter this city of the damned, but with powers greater than even a Fallen Angel. They're angel's themselves now–infernal angels. One means to foil the most diabolical plot ever devised in history, the other means to set it into action and bring all the evil of Hell to the Living Earth.

Join them on their journey. Join them in the guts of Hell...

Limited to 750 signed copies and SOLD OUT at the publisher

House Infernal

Published in 2008

Artist: Erik Wilson

The diabolical adventure never ended--it's only just begun. Finally, Part III of Edward Lee’s notorious City Infernal Saga is here. House Infernal follows the much acclaimed (and long sold out) City Infernal and Infernal Angel.


Three things are about to join a crypt in Hell with a house on Earth... Nuns molested and drained of blood, but not by vampires. A virginal student seduced by the perverse and taunted by things worse than ghosts. And six Angels, imprisoned in Hell and made pregnant by God knows what...


When Venetia Barlow begins work at St. John's Prior House, she expects a quiet summer of drudgery and boredom. But soon she’s haunted by lurid desires and visions of a city full of monsters...and the monsters know her name. Is the house really a place of meditation and worship, or is it a temple of abomination and the most evil secrets? Venetia will only find out, when the voice of a damned priest comes into her head and gives her a an unspeakable message from the howling, blood-drenched streets of Hell...

Horror master Edward Lee dares you to take another tour through the City of the Abyss, and to walk with him though a house of horror, a house of graves...

Limited to 1000 signed copies and SOLD OUT at the publisher

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