Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa

Philip Jose Farmer - Bill's Stuff - Christopher Paul Carey - ARC

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Dust jacket by Bob Eggleton

Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa collects for the first time anywhere Philip José Farmer’s epic Khokarsa cycle, including the never-before-published conclusion to the trilogy, The Song of Kwasin.

In Hadon of Ancient Opar, the young hero Hadon journeys from his outpost city to the heart of the ancient African empire of Khokarsa, battling in the Great Games for the chance to win the king’s crown. But just as Hadon stands upon the precipice of victory, the tyrannical King Minruth usurps the throne and overturns the beneficent, centuries-old rule of the priestesses of Kho. Now Hadon must set out upon a hero’s journey unlike any other—to hunt down a living god and return with his bounty. The saga continues in Flight to Opar, as a decree by the oracle hurtles Hadon upon a perilous quest that will determine the fate of the next twelve millennia. In The Song of Kwasin, Hadon’s herculean cousin returns to Khokarsa after long years of exile in the Wild Lands. But soon Kwasin finds that in order to clear his name he will have to take up the cause against King Minruth himself and stop him before he fulfills his mad quest for immortality high atop the sun god’s bloody ziggurat.

Table of Contents:

  • Hadon of Ancient Opar
  • Flight to Opar
  • The Song of Kwasin (with Christopher Paul Carey)
  • Exclusive to the Limited Edition:
  • The Song of Kwasin Outline
  • The Khokarsan Language
  • Khokarsan Glossary
  • The Khokarsan Calendar
  • The Plants of Khokarsa

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition

Limited to 250 signed (by Carey) numbered copies, with an additional section of exclusive material and sold out at the publisher


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