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Introduction: Jeff VanderMeer
Cover Artist: Darin Bradley

This is a crevice book . . . a shadow volume whose pages were written in the cracks of ancient cities and long since forgotten. Nine stories, nine shadows . . . words tattooed on skin, locked in towers, frozen under glass and sleeping with apple hearts, refusing to be defined. They are carved of light, and slither through your fingers like winter rain.

In these shadows you will find:
- resurrection, quantum vampires and magic tricks
- jealous mothers, dead birds, and a cannibal princess
- a high school trapped behind a wall of snow
- a man who makes art out of misery
- a surreal war and a chance for survival
- feral children, a dead mother and the bogeyman
- hypnotism, speaking to the dead, a girl in thorns and a haunting
- a drought, a story in reverse, and a man who makes a star out of a mermaid

Step inside . . . but be careful. The path is uneven and will melt with every step, trapping you between worlds.

Paul Jessup is a critically acclaimed writer of weird, strange and slippery fiction. He's been published in many magazines, both offline and on, and updates a blog on occasions at

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