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Subterranean Press is pleased to announce the debut collection by one of today’s hottest new sf writers.

On the short fiction of David Marusek, from Dave Itzkoff, The New York Times: "Marusek, who hitchhiked his way to Alaska from Santa Barbara in the 1970's and now lives on the outskirts of Fairbanks, may have a relatively modest body of work (just 10 short stories in print over the span of 13 years), but each of these pieces has so far proven to be as concentrated and potent as a dwarf star. In "The Wedding Album," a story first published in 1999, he fashions an ominous and surprisingly moving tale about a bride and groom who repeatedly discover, forget and rediscover that they are merely computer-generated re-creations of a flesh-and-blood newlywed couple, fated to watch as their living counterparts, their marriage and civilization itself decay over the centuries. Though Marusek intermittently deploys terms like "ectopic hippocampus," "dendritic synapses" and "nanobioremediation," "The Wedding Album" is a story whose beauty can be appreciated even by readers who are intimidated by weather reports, despite the fact that I've just given away its major plot points.

"In an earlier short work from 1995 entitled "We Were Out of Our Minds With Joy," Marusek writes just as vividly about another married couple in the year 2092, whose blissful union begins to unravel after they are granted a rare and precious license that gives them permission to conceive their own child."

Mark R. Kelly, in Locus, about "Getting to Know You": Marusek, showing a potentially volatile synergy of technology and human foibles, is a writer who gives the impression that he's been to the future, seen it work, and has come back to tell us all about it.

Cory Doctorow on "The Wedding Album": "Marusek's amazing story 'The Wedding Album' floored me when I read it in 1999, was a finalist on the Nebula ballot, won the Sturgeon and Asimov's Reader's Choice Awards, placed in the Locus, Seiun and HOMer awards, and left all who read it gob-smacked."


  • The Wedding Album
  • The Earth is on the Mend
  • Yurek Rutz Yurek Rutz Yurek Rutz
  • A Boy in Cathyland
  • We Were Out of Our Minds With Joy
  • VTV
  • Cabbages and Kale
  • Getting to Know You
  • Listen to Me
  • My Morning Glory

Limited to 200 signed and numbered copies, with a bonus chapbook and sold out at the publisher

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