Fuzzy Dice

Paul di Filippo

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Limited Edition
Slipcased Limited Edition

Introduction : Rudy Rucker
Cover Art : Todd Schorr

How badly could you screw up when granted access to infinite worlds conforming to your heart's most intimate desires? No matter how much of a botch you or I might make of such a miraculous gift, rest assured that Paul Girard, hapless middle-aged bookstore clerk, can hilariously surpass your worst fumblings and missteps.

Visited one morning by a dimension-hopping artificial intelligence named Hans, Paul is given the ability to jump instantly to any world he can envision. But without truly knowing himself, Paul soon discovers that framing a wish that gets the expected results is not as easy as it first appears. From the depths of the Big Bang to a world where hippies rule; from a land of Amazons to one of where life is a video-game; from a society where cooperation means everything to one where individual chaos rules -- Across these bizarre dimensions and many others, Paul races in the search for happiness, love, wealth, status--and the answer to the Ontological Pickle. Acquiring comrades and enemies along the way, our feckless alternaut reaches a cul-de-sac from which the only exit is death.

And then his adventures really begin.

Hardcover limited to 500 copies

Slipcased Hardcover limited to 200 copies with different cover art


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