Furies of Calderon: Book 1 of Codex Alera Series

Jim Butcher

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Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Marc Fishman

Welcome to a surprise Jim Butcher limited edition . It features a full-color cover, two interior plates (one of them a gatefold), and is printed on 80# Finch. The book is housed in a custom slipcase, with variegated gold foil stamping on the side and spine. This is one heavy, gorgeous volume.

The books of The Codex Alera are among the limited editions Subterranean Press is most frequently asked to publish, so they decided to produce Furies of Calderon, keeping the print run as low as they possibly could, to roughly half that of Jim’s Dresden Files novels.

The people of Alera are known for their ability to  summon and command furies, elemental beings of earth, air, fire, water, wood, and metal—a power that has long protected the empire from the hostile forces outside its borders. All the people except for Tavi, a young man living at the edge of civilization in the remote Valley of Calderon, who is seemingly unable to call upon supernatural aid. Looked on with pity by some and contempt by others, Tavi must depend on his own wits and bravery to combat the threat of invasion by the barbarian Marat horde. Meanwhile, the Empire faces threats from within as well, with southern nobles plotting rebellion against the aging First Lord. After a bitter betrayal, the loyalist windcrafter Amara must flee for her life to Calderon, where further danger awaits…and an alliance with Tavi. But will Tavi’s best efforts be enough against war and rebellion?

Acclaimed worldwide as the creator of the beloved The Dresden Files series, now #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher turns his talents to fantasy at its most epic in Furies of Calderon. Here, he follows in the footsteps of the genre’s masters to weave a story all his own, with a unique method of magic and dozens of memorable characters. With this first volume of The Codex Alera, Butcher has created a bold new fantasy world.

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, housed in a custom slipcase and sold out at the publisher 

Lettered: 26 signed lettered copies, bound in leather, housed in a custom traycase

Lettered "PC" copy which is identical in every way to a lettered copy but has the letters "PC" in the limitation line, the "PC" denotes "Publisher's Copy" and is one of a very few copies produced for use by the Publisher, usually for contributors.

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