From the Waste Land


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Edited by Clare Rhoden

From The Waste Land - stories inspired by T.S. Eliot's “The Waste Land” Plaintive ghosts, deep space, medieval castles, rising seas, parched deserts, abandoned villages…Inspired by its powerful themes—still highly resonant in an era looking for hope—nineteen original tales mark the centenary of Eliot’s poem. From the Waste Land brings together decorated writers and new voices in fantasy; ghost tales, horror, dystopia and science fiction. With a blend of the grotesque and the sublime, the poignant and the horrifying, the sad and the stoic, you’ll find stories that conjure wastelands from the 1500s to many centuries hence. You’ll also find the hope for humanity and the belief in our joint future that these writers seek for us all.


  • Introduction by Clare Rhoden
  • Death by Water, by Grace Chan
  • A Winter Respite, by Clare Rhoden
  • She Who Walks Behind You, by Leanbh Pearson
  • The Watcher of Greenwich, by Laura E. Goodin
  • Exhausted Wells, by Tee Linden
  • Rats Alley, by Jeff Clulow
  • Fragments of Ruin, by B.P. Marshall
  • Dead Men, by Cat Sparks
  • A Dusty Handful, by Aveline Perez de Vera
  • Lidless Eyes That See, by Geneve Flynn
  • A Witch’s Bargain, by Rebecca Dale
  • A Fiddled Whisper Music, by Eugen Bacon
  • Mountain of Death, by Austin P. Sheehan
  • Fawdaze, by Rebecca Fraser
  • Over the Mountains, by Tim Law
  • A Shadow in This Red Rock, by Louise Zedda Sampson
  • Dry Bones, by Robert Hood
  • April, by Francesca Bussey
  • The Violet Hour, by Nikky Lee

Limited to 100 signed copies


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