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Cover Art:  Tomislav Tikulin

A baby boy is plucked from the deck of a North Sea ferry. He’s any mother’s dream. Adopted into a family in the village of Cherry Burton, his infancy becomes a rampage. He’s not mean, he’s just inquisitive, his new mother insists.

It’s his 18th birthday. News of the boy’s existence spreads across Europe. Konrad, charged with writing the true stories of his kind, is roused from a century long Bavarian nap. He tracks the boy’s parentage across Belgium and then heads for East Yorkshire. It’s a race: claim the boy for the Vampire Council before an ancient species can take him as its own. 


Born in Leicester, trained in Leeds and Lancaster, Martin Goodman shifted to Hull where this book took hold. His novels and nonfiction deal with the aftermath of wars, and life at extremes. Deep true-life encounters across the globe with the likes of an Indian Holywoman, Bengali bandits, and a Peruvian shaman open his writings to alternative realities. He is Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Hull.

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