Fain the Sorcerer

Bill's Stuff - Steve Aylett

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Trade Edition - Softcover
Limited Edition
Limited Edition - Bill's Copy

Introduction: Alan Moore
Cover Artist: Steve Aylett

In this Cabellian fantasy, the maverick Fain encounters a crazy old man who offers to grant him three wishes. Will Fain ask for the usual rubbish or give it some thought?

Looping through his own past and offending kings and leaders throughout the world, Fain searches for the means to wisely direct his new powers. His quest becomes progressively more vivid as he encounters monsters, mermaids, warlocks and autarchs, gathering richer understanding with each new magic gift.

With an introduction by Alan Moore and cover artwork by Aylett, Fain the Sorcerer is a dense and mischievous work of shamanic satire.

Softcover: limited to 500 copies

Hardcover: limited to 300 copies

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