David J. Schow - Bill's Stuff

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Lettered Edition - PC
Lettered Edition

Featuring thirteen more trapdoors, keyholes and covert ops, all designed to ensnare you, rivet your attention, and maybe even scare you breathless. Take a look at the craft of murder, from either side of the window. Feast your eyes on some of the most lethally magnetic women in fiction. Get a gander at the world's most scatalogical crime boss, spooky guys from outer space, monsters disguised as people, and actual humans with powers no less monstrous. Oh, yes, and Mexican wrestlers.

Schow's previous collection, Crypt Orchids, sold out within a month of publication. You have been warned. This collection contains several rare stories, such as "2¢ Worth," plus several more appearing here for the first time, like "Watcher of the Skies."

Eye. Keep yours peeled.

Limited to 1000 numbered copies and sold out at the publisher

Lettered: Limited to 26 autographed slipcased copies bound in black leather which also contains a bonus story, written especially for this edition and never before published and sold out at the publishers.  We also have a PC copy of the lettered state

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Publisher Subterranean Press