Excitable Boys

Edward Lee - Geoff Cooper - Mark McLaughlin - Anthologies - Gavin Williams - Mike McCarty - GAK - Ryan Harding

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Trade Paperback - First Edition - NOS

An original anthology inspired by the annual World Horror Convention Gross Out Contents, featuring some of its most audacious winners and runners up.

Published by Freak Press in 2002

Edited by Kelly Laymon,

Cover and interior artwork by GAK!

From the back cover:

They are all around us. That thin guy with glasses who sat beside you on the train and didn't look at you when you said hello? He was one of them.

The chubby guy, chain-smoking on the steps of the courthouse. You thought he was a lawyer. He was one of them too.

The man with the beard who laughed too loudly in the theatre? You're lucky you didn't tell him to shut up...

You pass them in the street and you don't look twice. Why should you? They look normal. Friendly even. One of them may have served you dinner today, washed your car, painted your house.

And you never suspected a thing. Scared yet? You should be.

Wish you knew what they were thinking? Wish you knew the minds coiled behind those pretty faces?

Seven stories. Seven glimpses into seven twisted brains. Seven chances to prepare yourself for their coming.

What's a propeller job? What are cheese graters really good for? Where do the worms go?

All these question, and more, answered in... Excitable Boys.


  • Introduction: Take a Tour Through the Sewer - Kelly Laymon
  • Good Care - Rain Graves
  • The Constipated Cannibal - Michael McCarty
  • The McCrath Model SS40-C, Series S - Ed Lee
  • Full of It - Brian Keene
  • Attack of the Fifty-Foot Prison Bitch - Mark McLaughlin
  • A Heartful of Love, A Bowelful of Hate - Gavin Williams
  • Genital Grinder: A Snuff Film in Five Acts - Ryan Harding
  • Afterword: Just Like Chicken - Geoff Cooper

Trade Paperback - First Edition