Earthworm Gods

Brian Keene - Consignment

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Limited Edition - Consignment
Lettered Edition

Cover art by Dave Kendall

On a day like any other day, it starts raingin - and never stops. With the rains come super tornadoes, killer tsunamis, powerful earthquakes, eradicated polar icecaps - and a supernatural menace like no other.

Forty days later, cities are flooded and farmlands submerged. Earth is a vast ocean. Pockets of survivors gather on mountaintops, watching the waters climb higher and higher. But as the tides rise, something else is rising too. Rising towards the surface. Deep within the bowels of the earth, an ancient evil has awoke. And it hungers...

Now, in the midst of an ecological nightmare, mankind faces a new battle, a battle that stretches from the submerges rooftops of Baltimore to the flooded mountains of West Virginia. And if they lose, then humanity faces extinction.

The old gods are dead. Long live the Earthworm Gods....

Limited to 400 signed and numbered copies and sold out at the publisher

Lettered limited to 52 signed and lettered copies housed in slipcase

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Publisher Delirium Books