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Introduction by William Schafer

This one needs an explanation. In 1996, when Joe was assembling his first collection of early stories, The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent, and again last year, when ferreting out the tales that would make up For a Few Stories More, he kept talking about a long-ish tale he remembered very fondly, but could never find.

Joe made trips into his basement. Came out covered in dust, unfulfilled. Rooted around in his office. Not there, either. Subterranean Press wrote the university library that houses many of his papers. Nope. That story, “Duck-Footed” couldn’t be found and included in either collection. Every once in a while he’d mention it to me, but they gave up hope of ever seeing a copy.

“Duck-Footed” finally surfaced, and though it’s early, never-before-published Lansdale, there’s a freewheeling craziness that shows up later in novels like The Drive-In and Zeppelins West.

Join hisownself for another tale set in Mud Creek, one fraught with aliens, bad television, and televangelists.

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