Drowning In Oceans of Black

Brandon Ford

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Black Voltage #148

Minutes gone. Hours lost. 

For Paula Carson, a living hell becomes all too real when she experiences unexpected blackouts. Without warning, her world sinks into a cavern of darkness, and she wakes screaming, icy cold terror pulsing through her veins, with no memory of preceding events. 

As instances become more frequent, Paula seeks the aid of Dr. Maggie Butler, award-winning psychiatrist, who introduces her to the powers of hypnosis. Each session helps Paula piece together an ever-expanding puzzle. As she slowly finds the answers she seeks, Paula falls from a dreaming nightmare into a waking one, where she is forced to question both her sanity, as well as her willingness to trust those she’s closest to.

Limited to 45 signed and numbered copies

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Publisher Thunderstorm Books