Dead Trouble and Other Ghost Stories-Lettered Edition

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Foreward:  Stephen Jones
Cover Art:  Les Edwards
Interior Illustrations:  Randy Broecker

I saw a face, bloated, much larger than any face I’d ever seen before. It hung in the air above me, and there was no sign of a body, just the swollen truncated head. The eyes were sunk deep into their sockets. Thick stringy hair fell in tangled knots from the crown of the skull. The skin on the face was blotched with festering patches, as though it had been violently bruised. The lips were drawn wide and taut across the mouth, revealing the teeth and gums so that the head seemed to grin in malice.

Aidan Chambers has been collecting ghost stories for decades. For Dead Trouble & Other Ghost Stories the award-winning author and editor has selected some of his favourite supernatural tales of haunted houses and restless spirits. Inside these pages you will encounter ‘The Nameless Horror of Berkeley Square’, ‘The Ghostly Skulls of Calgarth Hall’, ‘The Mystery Ghost of Amherst, Nova Scotia’ and ‘The Grey Lady of Jarolen House’, to name only a few.
But be warned—you may have trouble deciding between which of these tales are “true” and those that are purely fiction . . .

Aidan Chambers is an award-winning children’s and youth fiction author and an experienced compiler and expert on children’s literature. He worked for some years as a teacher, before deciding to devote himself to writing full-time. In 1969 he and his wife Nancy founded The Thimble Press, which published Signal, a critical journal devoted to children’s literature. In 1982 they were joint winners of the Eleanor Farjeon Award for their contribution to children’s books. A winner of the prestigious British Carnegie Medal for his novel Postcards from No Man’s Land, his work has been translated into sixteen languages.

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