Dark Integers and other stories

Bill's Stuff - Greg Egan

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Trade Paperback - Far Territories - Bill's Copy
Trade Edition - Bill's Copy

Greg Egan’s first new collection in a decade contains five stories, set in three worlds.

In “Luminous,” two mathematicians searching for a flaw in the structure of arithmetic find themselves pitted against a ruthless arms manufacturer. In “Dark Integers,” their discovery has become even more dangerous, as they struggle to prevent a war between two worlds capable of mutual annihilation.

“Riding the Crocodile” chronicles a couple’s epic endeavor a million years from now to bridge the divide between the meta-civilization known as the Amalgam and the reclusive Aloof. “Glory,” set in the same future, tells of two archaeologists striving to decipher the artifacts of an ancient civilization.

In the Hugo-winning “Oceanic,” a boy is inducted into a religion that becomes the center of his life, but as an adult he must face evidence that casts a new light on his faith.

Trade: fully cloth bound hardcover edition

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