Dark Forces: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition


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Limited Edition - PC

Cover Artwork by: Bernie Wrightson
Interior Artwork by Alan M. Clark, Glenn Chadbourne, Keith Minnion, Allen Koszowski, Jill Bauman, Alex McVey, Chad Savage, and Erik Wilson

Publication Date: Winter 2007

About the Book:
In 1980, Kirby McCauley assembled a landmark horror anthology that set the benchmark for the genre. That book was Dark Forces, and while it has been imitated many times over the last twenty-five years, it has never been matched.

Featuring stories from Stephen King, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Joyce Carol Oates, Ramsey Campbell, Charles L. Grant, Richard & Richard Christian Matheson, and over a dozen other masters of the genre, Dark Forces belongs in the collection of anyone who treasures works of classic horror and dark fantasy.

This special edition will feature a new afterword from editor Kirby McCauley and the first Limited Edition appearance for many of these classic tales. All of these stories are on the must-read list for any new horror fan, including Stephen King’s classic novella The Mist, which was made into a major feature film by director Frank Darabont.

If the cover artwork looks familiar, you might have caught its cameo in a movie. Bernie Wrightson originally painted the artwork for the Stephen King movie Riding the Bullet, directed by Mick Garris. This will be the artwork’s first appearance in print.

The special Deluxe Edition of Dark Forces: The 25th Anniversary Edition was published as the debut title from Lonely Road Books.

About this Special Edition:
With an oversized page size, an extremely low print run, and the finest materials available, Dark Forces was designed with the ultimate collectors in mind. Each edition features a deluxe binding selected from the finest materials available.

The Limited Edition was housed in a custom-made traycase, and the Lettered Edition has a custom-made traycase. Both editions were signed by editor Kirby McCauley and the artists. There were over two dozen illustrations, along with six color plates tipped into each book, and a full-color dust jacket featuring artwork by horror legend Bernie Wrightson.

In addition, we secretly commissioned a very long interview with editor Kirby McCauley (after the book sold out so quickly) and in this interview he discussed the popularity and importance of the book with Kealan Patrick Burke. This special bonus addition to the Lonely Road Books edition of Dark Forces has never been printed anywhere else.

Table of Contents:

  • 1980 Introduction — Kirby McCauley
  • The Late Shift — Dennis Etchison
  • The Enemy — Isaac Bashevis Singer
  • Dark Angel — Edward Bryant
  • The Crest of Thirty-Six — Davis Grubb
  • Mark Ingestre: The Customer’s Tale — Robert Aickman
  • Where the Summer Ends — Karl Edward Wagner
  • The Bingo Master — Joyce Carol Oates
  • Children of the Kingdom — T. E. D. Klein
  • The Detective of Dreams — Gene Wolfe
  • Vengeance Is. — Theodore Sturgeon
  • The Brood — Ramsey Campbell
  • The Whistling Well — Clifford D. Simak
  • The Peculiar Demesne — Russell Kirk
  • Where the Stones Grow — Lisa Tuttle
  • The Night Before Christmas — Robert Bloch
  • The Stupid Joke — Edward Gorey
  • A Touch of Petulance — Ray Bradbury
  • Lindsay and the Red City Blues — Joe W. Haldeman
  • A Garden of Blackred Roses — Charles L. Grant
  • Owls Hoot in the Daytime — Manly Wade Wellman
  • Where There’s a Will — Richard & Richard Christian Matheson
  • Traps — Gahan Wilson
  • The Mist — Stephen King
  • New Afterword — Kirby McCauley
  • Brand New Interview with Kirby McCauley by Kealan Patrick Burke (unannounced special bonus feature)

Limited Edition: 300 copies, signed by the editor and artists on an illustrated signature page, bound in a deluxe material, with full-color and black & white interior illustrations, a full-color dust jacket, all housed in a custom-made traycase featuring a special magnetic latch 

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