Crystal Nights and Other Stories

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Dust jacket by Steve Montiglio

Subterranean Press is pleased to present the follow-up collection to Dark Integers and Other Stories. Crystal Nights is a full 50% longer than Greg Egan’s most recent collection, featuring all never-before-collected stories.

The nine stories in Greg Egan’s new collection range from parables of contemporary human conflict and ambition to far-future tales of our immortal descendants.

In “Lost Continent”, a time traveler seeking refuge from a war-torn land faces hostility and bureaucratic incompetence. “Crystal Nights” portrays a driven man’s moral compromises as he chases an elusive technological breakthrough, while in “Steve Fever” the technology itself falls victim to its own hype.

“TAP” brings us a new kind of poetry, where a word is more powerful than a thousand images. “Singleton” shows us a new kind of child, born of human DNA modeled in a quantum computer—who, in “Oracle”, journeys to a parallel world to repay a debt to an intellectual ancestor.

“Induction” chronicles the methods and motives behind humanity’s first steps to the stars. “Border Guards” reflects on the painful history of a tranquil utopia. And in the final story, “Hot Rock”, two immortal citizens of the galaxy-spanning Amalgam find that an obscure, sunless world conceals mind-spinning technological marvels, bitter factional struggles, and a many-layered secret history.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Lost Continent
  • Crystal Nights
  • Steve Fever
  • TAP
  • Induction
  • Singleton
  • Oracle
  • Border Guards
  • Hot Rock


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