Brian Keene - Consignment

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Limited Edition - Consignment #300/300
Lettered Edition

Cover art by Alex McVey

From award-winning author Brian Keene comes his long-awaited tribute to the master of horror, Richard Laymon.

They came to the deserted island to compete on a popular reality television show. Each one of them hoped to be the last to leave. Now, they're just hoping to stay alive, because one of them isn't who he seems, and the island isn't as deserted as it appears. The men will be slaughtered. The women will be kept alive as captives. And before it is over, they will turn on each other. Night is falling, the creatures are coming, and rescue is so very far away...

Brian Keene's CASTAWAYS... Death is the ultimate reality.

Limited to 300 copies and sold out at the publisher

Lettered limited to 26 signed, lettered and traycased copies and sold out at the publisher

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Publisher Bloodletting Press