Camp Desolation and an Eschatology of Salt

Uncle River

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Camp Desolation and an Eschatology of Salt-Lettered Edition
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Introduction: Don Webb
Cover Artist: Steve Leary

A nuke, thankfully abortive, or a line of them hidden, to blow up Panama. To save the world from an Ice Age, when Global Warming stops the Gulf Stream. Who does such things?

What if suicide bombings are not about hate after all? Not about ideology, nor any particular religion? Not even about despair at society's bottom? What if the bombers are better enough off to emerge from the other side of despair, expressing an idealism that forgets to be human? Is this what motivates Shandra Stuart and her motley group?

It isn't the politics the media reports -- the U. S. taking back the Panama Canal. Nor social and economic history that leads to the convergence of politics and Shandra's group on the Panamanian Isthmus.

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