Best of T.M. Wright and Signed Copy (by Steven Saville) of Mallam Cross - Lettered Set

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The Best of T. M. Wright

Cover Art:  David Gentry
Introduction:  Steven Savile

Here’s the complete line-up

  • Introduction by Steven Savile
  •  Rainy Day People
  •  Circularity
  •  New York Poet
  •  Mr. Death
  •  The Music of the Night
  •  The Man Walking
  •  His Mother’s Eyes
  •  After time
  •  Cradle
  •  At Rikki’s
  •  2035-redux
  •  The House Under the Street
  •  The Lightwater Hawkins Story
  •  The Sign at Vera’s Restaurant
  •  One of those Poems Aging Writers Write
  •  Sunsets in 1962
  •  A Visitor Encounters the Small Screen
  •  Only Two Legs and No Silk
  •  Gratitude
  •  More Middle-aged Craziness
  •  The Godly Greetings of Dogs
  •  Process
  •  The Marybell Women
  •  The People on the Island
  •  All at the End of Mid-evening
  •  Clocking the Moment
  •  Weldon Kees
  •  Tower Man
  •  Tomorrow, 25 Years from Now
  •  The Screamers at the Window
  •  Breakdown
  •  Tomato as Metaphor
  •  Sally Pinup
  •  Otto’s Conundrum

Unsigned hardcover


Mallam Cross

Cover Art:  David Gentry
Afterword:  Steven Savile

Folks, nobody writes ghost stories like Terry and it’s fair to say that nobody knows Terry and his work better than Steven Savile. Started by Wright some years ago and now completed masterfully by Steve; MALLHAM CROSS tells the story of  a city where everyone is a ghost, inverting the whole ghost story trope by having a hero who is essentially the only living boy in New York. A single house in a city of hauntings which is the only place that isn’t home to its own ghosts?

Here are the book’s first six lines.

The stranger watched them lynch the boy.          
He took out his mobile phone, filming the whole thing.          
The hood over the head meant they didn’t have to watch his expression as he realized he was dying all over again. Some days he didn’t wear the hood. His fingers clawed at the noose while his låegs kicked. Then they stopped kicking and he just twisted in the morning breeze.

Unsigned hardcover


Best of T.M. Wright (unsigned) & Mallam Cross (signed by Steven Saville)

Cover Art:  David Gentry
Introduction and Afterword:  Steven Savile

Slipcased set of:

  • Unsigned copy of The Best of T.M. Wright
  • Signed Copy of Mallam Cross limited to 100 copies signed by Steven Saville

Lettered It is our understanding that PS Publishing sold 26 lifetime subscriptions, as a perk of that subscription the purchaser would receive a copy of the signed state of a particular book but instead of a number in the limitation line, it would contain a letter, each subscriber was assigned a letter, in all other aspects the book is identical to the Slipcased set.


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