Back Through the Flaming Door

Liz Williams

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A series of single author collections by outstanding writers. The Polestar, or North Star, is defined as the brightest star in Ursa Minor; since every author chosen for this series is a star in their own right, Polestars provides the ideal banner under which to unite such exceptional works.
A new Fallow Sisters story (featuring Bee)
A new Inspector Chen story set in Singapore Three
A new tale set on the Matriarchal Mars of Winterstrike and Phosphorus
A new story from the world of The Ghost Sister and Bloodmind
All this and so much more in Liz Williams’ stunning new collection. A mix of brand new stories and those only available previously in digital format via subscription comprise the majority of the book, with very few stories available elsewhere. Thirty-two stories that enchant, dazzle, and blur genre boundaries; thirty-two stories that take the reader from realms of wonder and magic to worlds of intrigue and danger. 
Take a deep breath, and leap in…
  • Introduction
  • Back Through the Flaming Door
  • Blackfast
  • Colder Than the Day
  • Dog Days in the Ghost Garden
  • Doveblack and Rosewhite
  • Flowerface
  • Greene Lyon
  • Mow Cop
  • Nightjar
  • On Milk Hill
  • Radioblack
  • The Teahouse
  • Saint Cold
  • Silence in the House of Moths
  • Swallows
  • The Book Rustlers
  • The Darker Half
  • The Child on the Hill
  • The Green World
  • The Ontologist
  • The White Herd
  • The Winter Garden
  • When we go to the island
  • Ungiven
  • West Wind
  • The Wording
  • Wrecktide
  • The Man in the Glass Wig
  • The Salt Star
  • The Lily White Boys
  • The Language of Fans
  • The Seamistress
  • About the Author
Their thanks to Nadia Van Der Westhuizen for permission to use her image on the front of the book.
Limited to 60 numbered copies
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Publisher NewCon Press